How to buy your first Ethereum NFT

Setting up Metamask

The first step would be setting up a Metamask wallet. MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with decentralized applications with the Ethereum blockchain or other blockchains.
Head over to Chrome Web Store and add MetaMask. You can pin the extension on your chrome browser to make it easily accessible.

Buying $ETH

The second step is to buy $ETH, how much you need depends on what the price is for the NFT you are planning to buy & extra for Gas fees. I personally use FTX but any broker will do. After you have purchased $ETH, you will need to withdraw $ETH to your MetaMask wallet.
Network: ERC20
Address: Found under Account name, copy and paste to ensure it is 100% correct, sending to a wrong address would mean losing your $ETH

Set up an Opensea Account

The third step is to open an Opensea account, Opensea is the largest secondary market for NFTs on the ETH blockchain.
1) Go to
2) On the top right-hand corner, click on the rightmost wallet logo
3) The first Metamask popup will ask you to pick an account to connect, and the second will be a signature request to connect.
4)You are now able to buy NFTs sold on the secondary market!



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